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Touching: 10-Year-Old Boy Asks Stepfather to Adopt Him


On his 10th birthday, Kalani Watson had one wish, and he brought his stepfather, Brandon Williamson, to tears when Kelani made his adoption proposal.

Williamson has been in the little boy’s life since Kelani was 2 years old. Williamson married Kalani’s mother, Porsche, in 2012. Kalani was supposed to ask Williamson to adopt him this coming Father’s Day, but Porsche Williamson said her son couldn’t wait.

In the video, Kalani reads a letter dedicated to his stepdad, and eventually, the tears start flowing.

“So let’s stop playing and make it official,” the boy says in the video, after asking his stepfather if he would be able to live without him. “Will you do me the biggest favor in the world? Will you adopt me?”

As Kelani finishes the letter, Williamson opens his gift, and it’s the papers to put in for the adoption.

Watch the video below: