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Criticisms and Controversies about Teddy Afro’s Album


Ethiopia’s most revered singer feels the weight of the crown on his new album, albeit dozens of criticisms and controversies in progress as it was before.

Since Teddy Afro’s album has been put out just a week before, hope you still listen his music everywhere in Addis. Singer and song writer, Tewodros Kassahun, popularly known as Teddy Afro is the most revered musician, including his latest influential albeit controversial fifth studio album, “Ethiopia”.

The soundscape of Addis changed this week with taxis, private cars, video stores, bars and other establishments playing his music. Amazingly some of his new hits have been a big source of entertainment for wedding celebrations too.

Fans have opened their arms wide for Teddy Afro’s “Ethiopia” album with upbeat and positive vibes.

“Teddy is the special one for me, I cannot even stop listening his new music’s with my earphone everywhere I go, in a taxi, at my office, inside the café and at home,” one of the fans told this writer. The fan hailed the album as “Perfect!”

On Tuesday, last week, one of his fans showed his patience—waited for a long queue around a bus station, locally called Atobis Tera to buy the album for inflated price of 100 Birr. He did that because he believed that in case the first edition of the album would finished quickly, he had missed the album. The average price of CDs in previous times was 25 to 30 Birr.

Around Kazanchis, Bole, Mexico and 22 Mazoria, the going price for Teddy’s CD still ranges from 50 to 55 Birr. Last week, we have seen a tent installed around Mexico square while some public transport provider minibuses posed their day to day activity and sold the album on the release date.