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100 contractors with fake license documents may undergo training


Around 100 local contractors, ranging from grade 4 to 10, who obtained their license with fake documents, will find out their fate tomorrow Monday April 3.

Many of these contractors worked at medium sized construction sites.

One option would be for the contractors to undergo training on ethics.

Then if they are able to get the proper documentation, they could obtain a license.

Some of the false documents included conformity assessments, construction machine ownership certificates, and educational credentials.

The Federal Ethics and Anti corruption Commission and Federal Police Commission investigated these cases. A communication officer in the Ministry who requested anonymity told Capital, “Some people do not have enough awareness about how to ethically work in the construction sector and the main idea of the training is to get them on the right track.’’

The officer added that although his office would encourage local contractors to bid for public jobs, the ministry will not do business with any fraudulent companies.

He disclosed that the federal government has established a database so his office can easily appraise submissions and fight against corruption in the contract process and that there is no going back in the procurement reforms of the present administration. “We started the registration of all contractors, consultants and service providers in the country to reform the public procurement system for better monitoring and oversight of the public procurement processes in the country”.