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Bride Wears Super Tight Dress On Her Wedding To prove A Silly Point


The 24-year-old recalls: 'I remember saying “If we’re not engaged by 2016 then I’m gone”… I made him feel that I wasn’t going to wait around. 

'He proposed to me when my nails were not perfect… They weren’t terrible but he literally caught me off guard. 

A self-confessed 'diva' bride who got engaged after giving her boyfriend an ultimatum insisted on not one but two lavish ceremonies.

Marketing manager Aysha Aziz, 24, and Royal Marine Tom Ellis, 27, who live in Bromley, South London, first met seven years ago when she was just 16, and celebrated their marriage at two separate weddings that set Aysha's father back £30,000. 

Aysha warned Tom she would leave him unless he proposed, but admits that when he did pop the question she was still disappointed - because her nails weren't 'perfect' and she was wearing UGG boots. 

The perfectionist bride-to-be then went on to instruct her seamstress to make her gown 'ridiculously tight' to show off her figure.

Tom says: 'I do try to put my foot down around her but she’s a difficult one. 

'Basically I can’t talk to her when she is doing her make up. I can’t talk to her when she is getting ready… That’s Aysha. 

Aysha defends herself, explaining that because she 'likes things a certain way, that’s when the diva moments come out'.

And it's not just her now husband who knows it. 

Aysha's persuaded her father to foot the bill for not one, but two weddings for his daughter - including expensive jewellery, designer shoes and two different gowns. 

Tom and Aysha love to keep themselves in shape and the bride asked for her wedding dress to be as tight fit as possible to show off her figure

There's no expense spared on the lavish ceremonies for daddy's girl Aysha, who is half Bengali, who plans an English country wedding, followed by a traditional Indian ceremony at a combined cost of over £30,000.

Money is no object as her father - who also offered to fund refurbishments on her home with Tom - explains: 'There is no budget and she's worth every penny.'

The couple bond over their love of fitness, but while Tom exercises to stay healthy, Aysha admits she is the total opposite.

She said: 'I am about vanity, the gains. 

'About four or five months ago is when I really started getting into training. It was all about making my bum bigger and my waist smaller and I’ve seen a difference.

'When it came to my dress fittings I said to the seamstress “make sure it is ridiculously tight, I want to show off my figure”. I have worked hard for it.' 

Their first wedding at the 16th Century Leez Manor in Chelmsford, Essex, goes off without a hitch - even after worrying messages from Tom's best man Joshua when they miss their train to the venue after an all-night stag do. 

At their Indian ceremony a few weeks later, and with no alcohol to fuel festivities, Tom impresses Aysha's extended family and gets his father-in-law's seal of approval.