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Ethiopian Legend, Assefa Chabo Dies at the Age of 73


Ethiopian Author, Lawyer and Politician and Researcher Assefa Chabo passed away at the age of 73 in the U.S., Dallas Parkland Hospital, Texas, where he was receiving medication.

He was born in Chencha, Gamo District in 1944 from his mother Matukie Agen and father Chabo Sadie. He attended primary school in Chencha.

He dropped-out his secondary school at the Kokebe Tsibah, back then was called “Hailesilassie I” (Kehas School) and hired at Civil Aviation. Assefa studied Law (LLB) at the Addis Abeba University. He received a certificate on the international law students’ competition and Omega Watch from Emperor Hailesilassie I for his brilliance.

The late Assefa also served as a Secretary at Atbia Court, Messenger at Bejirond, the then Secretary of the state, and Law Advisor of the then Ethiopian Meteorology Service.

He was active on the student movement of the 1960s.

In his early youth day, he was an active participant in Ethiopian politics and was jailed for eleven years under the Derg regime.

After the fall of Mengistu government, he was a member of Ethiopian transitional council.

He has a good number of followers in social media and is known for sharing thoughtful political, historical and social commentaries.

Assefa wrote his “Yetizita Feleg” book, which is about his life and Ethiopian politics. He was a father of four and a grandfather of nine.