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I Have No Facebook Account at All, says Helen Bedilu


Irritated by the messages posted on fake Helen Bedlu’s Facebook page, which is #ሄለን በድሉ--Actress Helen Bedilu told Dire Tube that she has no Facebook account at all.

The fake account consists of the Actress’s photos and regular posts of Amharic poem with different topics of life such as love, relationships and childhood memories, which misleads facebookers to believe she is the real Helen.

More importantly, what makes the real Helen disappointed and concerned is the unpleasant and disgraceful posts, which reflects defamatory short and long articles, often tries to superimpose the harmful believe in “superiority and inferiority” of some ethnicities over the other in the country. The owner of the account usually posts some of his/her opinion about the events in the history of Ethiopia.

ሄለን በድሉ account owner still posts photos of the actress, which almost all seems screenshotted from the dramas and movies she has been played so far.


Helen is not the first victim for such social media curses. Similarly, actor Girum Ermias previously announced that he has no Facebook account following the requests from his fans about what posted on forged accounts created by his name.

Many international celebrities are usually misunderstood by their fans due to the info’s and photos posted on fake accounts owned by unknown individuals.