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Habesha Cement’s Plant Inaugurated


Habesha Cement S.C., one of the cement factories in Ethiopia, inaugurated its manufacturing plant on April 19, 2017. The plant is said to have the cpaicty to produce 1.4 million tons of cement per year.

The plant which is built at a cost of 3.2 billion Birr is located in Holeta Town. The shareholders are all Ethiopians except for 2 who are South African based companies.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony was, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Hailemariam Dessalegn, said cement production grew by 10 fold in the past decade following the attention given by the government.

At the start of the first Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP I), the country produced only 1.6 million tons of cement per year, the Premier remembered. By the end of the period, production had increased to 15 million tons, he furthered.

The achievement had enabled the country to export cement, in addition to meeting the local demand, Hailemariam said. By the end of the Second Growth and Transformation Plan period (GTP II), the annual cement production was targeted to be 27 million tons, he furthered.