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Ethiopia Food Truck Funding Mission to Help Kids in Ethiopia


A food truck that makes stops around the Green Bay area, in Wisconsin, is on a mission to help kids in Ethiopia.

A dad, his kids, and some friends pair Ethiopian slow cooking and exotic spices with familiar American dishes for a Taste of Ethiopia. The food has rave reviews on Facebook.

Tesfaye Joyce lived in Ethiopia most of his life. While in an orphanage, he met some people involved in the project called Pay It Forward Ethiopia.

“My hope for this to collect, especially Ethiopian Americans that came in through adoption, to be able to come together and pretty much give back the help the people back home, they need,” Joyce says.

Joyce say he’s grateful for his life in Wisconsin.

“We’re here because someone helped us, and we want to give back,” Joyce says.

Tesfaye, his brother, and his sister live with their adoptive father, Pat Joyce.

“As they are growing up, they’re–we’re realizing how important it is to keep their cultural connection, so they’re starting to go back to Ethiopia, and rekindle some of the long-lost relationships they’ve had,” says Pat Joyce.

Pat says this food truck is their unique way of funding their mission to help some of the most vulnerable kids in Ethiopia.

“Rather than compete for philanthropy through normal channels, start this food truck here and all over our proceeds, and our profits, when we eventually get some, we’ll be heading back to Ethiopia,” says Pat Joyce.

They all hope this non-profit on wheels sends a message of inspiration, so they can help more kids just like them.

Want to try the food? The family announces times and locations for Pay It Forward Ethiopia Food Truck on their Facebook Page.