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MoFA Gives Saudi Returnees Duty Free Rights for Personal Goods


A new directive in line with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs campaign to alleviate the much publicized difficult plight of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia is on the horizon. DireTube has received reports that such a directive will grant duty-free privileges to Ethiopian citizens who return to their homeland from Saudi Arabia.

Although the news is still unraveling the directive, aiming to regularize and encourage the return of Ethiopians some of whom have been given a deadline to leave Saudi Arabia is one that will cover household goods and may include the right to import a vehicle duty-free.

Other similar directives issued by the Ethiopian government for diplomats, students, and other diaspora subgroups has included the import free of duty of one automobile with no more than 10 seats and household goods. In another instance, targeted towards diplomats living overseas, the sale of household goods and automobile to third parties had been permitted only after a five year period from entry date in Ethiopia. Keep posted on Diretube.com for developments regarding the government directive covering the duty-free privilege for Saudi returnees and the surrounding issues.