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Man Found Guilty for Splashing Acid on Girlfriend's Face


East Gojjam Higher Court has ruled-out that Kibebew Assaye, a student is guilty of trying to kill his girlfriend by splashing acid on her face, FBC Reported.

Birtukan Simachew, a student used to study together and trying to help each other with the convict Kibebew. Gradually, their relationship was turned-out to a lovey-dovey affair. Her family were against the love relationship with Kibebew, and therefore they forced her to change school in a far-away city.

That frustrated the convict, despite their regular phone conversation and tied-up with other means of communication. The escapist man, also started to develop an assumption that “she dumped me and had love affair with some other man out there”, in spite of her assurance of the girlfriend-boyfriend stuff had in progress on that time.

He, then, went to where she was and splashed acid on her face, that caused a horrific damage on her face, neck and breast, just to mention a few.

“I have committed the crime recklessly, not in a deliberate manner,” he told the court. The court asked him for a defendant witnesses, but he had not any. The court then passed a decision of 10 year term in prison.