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Renowned Detective Story Author, Yilma Habteyes Dead


Yilma Habteyes, the renowned detective stories author, often called “Ethiopia’s Agatha Christie”, died at the age of 79.

The renowned Yilma authored 16 novels and produced 7 TV dramas in his over 50 years of professional experience as an author. It is believed he has an immense contribution to the Ethiopia’s literature.

“Yeabekyelesh Nuzazie”, “Delalaw”, “Sayinager Mote”, “Dem Yenekaw Eje”, “Yaltekefele Eda”, “lelaw Eje” and “Yebetu Mezez” are some of his most renowned detective story novels. “Yaltadelech Besew Serg Tedarech” is his first novel. When he first started authoring, detective stories are the most uncommon for local readers, therefore, he was the pioneer to introduce such stories to the mass.

Once he spoke that he was inspired to become an author following his friend’s recommendation after reading the long letter he wrote to him.

Born and raised in Addis Abeba, Yilma attended the traditional church school, while his primary school was accomplished at Lyce Gebremariam School.

Later he studied Laboratory Science at Pasteur Institute and worked in Ras Desta Hospital. His further education was accomplished in Gonder and abroad in Sweden.

Yilma Habteyes was survived by a daughter and wife. The funeral will be held on Wednesday, April 19, at Asko Saint Gebriel Church at 3:00 pm.