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ESLSE Expanding Modjo Dry Port


Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE) announced it will expand Modjo Dry Port in the aim of accommodating services tied with export goods. This is in addition to the service the dry port is giving to goods imported to Ethiopia.

Commenting on the matter ESLSE’s Acting CEO, Mesfin Tefera, said the dry port currently served only imported goods but the expansion would make it’s a hub for export items as well.

Currently ESLSE made a 5 years expansion plan program that was undertaken on the port, Mesfin explained.

The expansion work is going to be undertaken by 150 million USD loan secured from the World Bank. The project is expected to include infrastructures that are vital for the export sector.

The project will support investments in physical infrastructure and ICT systems, as well as regulatory improvements which will increase exports, generate jobs, and raise incomes of producers and traders.