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Man Jumps from Fourth-Floor Balcony to his Death


Robert Seman Jr., 48, who was accused of raping and killed a 10 year girl with her grandparents in their house by setting a fire, has jumped to his death from a courthouse fourth-floor balcony, dailymail reported. 

The video showing Robert jumping to his death has been captured on camera. He was set for trial this week at the Mahoning County Courthouse in Youngstown, Ohio, over the deadly arson when he threw himself from the fourth-floor.

In the short clip, Seman is first seen walking out of the courtroom with two officers. He then slows down, allowing the officer who was behind him to draw level with him.

He then took three steps to his right, before throwing himself over the low railing.

A Youngstown Vindicator reporter who witnessed the incident said the 48-year-old's body was covered by a white sheet inside a marble rotunda, but his arms were visible as they were sticking out.