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Ethiopians In Saudi Face Possible Government Crackdown


Saudi Arabia caused outrage in Ethiopia and triggered a government campaign to protect migrant workers in the middle east when it cracked down on Ethiopian workers in the oil rich country in 2013. Recent activities from various parts of the Ethiopian government covers the plight of migrant workers without legal status, aiming to alleviate the problems of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia.

The Ethiopian government is working towards the safe and comfortable return of migrant workers without legal status. A task force has been set up and State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aklilu HaileMichaeal (PhD) has spoken about this recently.

In his statement to Ethiopian Broadcasting Agency (EBC) staff  he explaining that part of the preparation is the daily communication between the Saudi consular and the foreign affairs newly set up command post. All pertinent sectors are involved outside of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in setting up a task force.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plans forced deportation after a 90 day waiting period according to Aklilu HaileMicheal (PhD). The goal, he said, is to facilitate the return in a peaceful way that does not create the sort of hectic situation like in the recent past.

No one knows what kind of action will be taken by the Saudi government towards Ethiopian migrant workers, but if the past is an indicator clashes with police, popular outrage in Ethiopia and human rights violations are likely to be part of the tragic picture.