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Omo Kuraz II Start Trial Production


Omo Kuraz II, one of the sugar production projects Ethiopia is undertaking under Omo Kuraz sugar development projects, has started trial production this month. The company started crashing sugarcane on March 23, 2017 and sugar production 4 days after that.

The factory commenced its trial production by crashing 6,500 tons of sugarcane. However, the factory’s capacity is crashing 12,000 tons of sugarcane every day.

When it goes fully operational, Omo Kuraz II is expected to produce 2.5 million quintals of sugar and 28 million liters of Ethanol per year.

In addition to these, the plant will generate 60 megawatt electricity from sugarcane by products. Out of these 40 megawatts will be supplied to the national grid while the factory uses the rest 20 megawatts.

It was 3 years ago the construction of Omo Kuraz II started. The project was financed by 6.67 billion Birr loan secured from China Development Bank.