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Land Held by Access to Be Transferred to Land Bank


Abate Sitotaw, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa, made the decision to transfer lands held by Access Real Estate (ARE) to the Addis Ababa’s (Ethiopia’s capital) land bank for special protection. The Deputy Mayor gave the order to the Land Management and Development Bureau.

According to the Addis Ababa City Administration there were a total of 76,684 square meters of land that were held by ARE in Bole, Yeka, Kirkos and Ledeta Sub Cities. Among these the biggest plot of land were in Bole Sub City.

Year ago a committee established by the Prime Minister concluded decided rights over the lands owned by ARE should be transferred to the land bank. The home buyers of ARE also asked the city administration to include the lands to the city’s land bank.

Abate, however, refrained from commenting whether the plots of land would be given to the ARE home buyers so that they can build their own houses.

In the recent past, home buyers asked the Addis Ababa Trade Bureau to form an association, the department that responsible for forming an association. Nevertheless, the Bureau noted it needs further classification from the mayor’s office to approve the formation of such organization.