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Former South Sudan Official Sues Woman for Slander


Pagan Amum, a well-known South Sudanese politician who lives in the United States, is suing a member of his country’s diaspora for slander.

Amum says a South Sudanese woman who goes by the name of Amira Ali posted videos on Facebook where she accused him of committing rape and murder — charges that Amum emphatically denies.

Amum recently got a restraining order against Ali, who lives in the same city he does: Denver, Colorado.

At the heart of his lawsuit, according to Amum, is Ali’s demonization of certain tribes.

“What is really dangerous … is the use of social media platforms, or the abuse rather, of social media platforms to generate hatred and demonization of people or individuals on tribal grounds,” Amum told VOA’s South Sudan in Focus earlier this week. Read the whole article at the