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Habesha Cement to Enter the Market


Habesha Cement Factory S.C. is ready to enter Ethiopia’s cement factory in the coming 3 weeks after many years since its establishment.

The new entrant to the cement market is to fight with Dangote, Messobe, Derba, National and Mugar Cement factories, who are currently controlling the domestic market.

Commenting on the development Habesha’s CEO, Mesfin Abi (Eng.), said he plant had a capacity to produce 1.4 million tons of cement annually. Despite the presence of other big factories engaged in cement production, there is enough market in the country, he added

Ministry of Industry disclosed it had been working on 10 years National Cement Industry Development Strategy for the period extending to 2025. It is said to have been designed to address local industry issues. In addition to this it aims to take the country’s demand to 12.22 million metric tons per annum by 2020.