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Saint Gabriel General Hospital Re-opens to the Public


Saint Gabriel General Hospital has been re-opened as of March 16 after being suspended from operations by the Ethiopian Food, Medicine and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority (FMHACA) for a few days.

The prominent health facility was established over two decades ago making it the first private hospitals in the country. They announced they have resumed operation after resolving some small issues with the department as of March 16.

Located on Djibouti Avenue, Saint Gabriel Hospital is a modern medical center which came into existence in 1995 and has introduced many technological innovations to the nation.

The hospital provides a comprehensive range of general and specialist services for both local and international residents. Over the past 21 years, the hospital asserts it has served over 300,000 inpatients and outpatients. The inpatient bed has reached 180, making the hospital one of the biggest health facilities in the country.

The hospital is also sponsoring medical experts from abroad to provide medical assistance for special needs and advanced care for the community.

Senior official at the authority told Capital that few weeks ago 82 health facilities were suspended in relation with the delay of professional license renewal and some other reasons but declined to provide more information on the said facilities.

“It is minor case that shall be improved with few corrections,” the official at the FMHACA who declined to be named told Capital.

He explained that the reason that the authority refrains from releasing the name of the facilities is due to the case for suspension is very minor. “The evaluation is focusing on professional audit, which does not have significant harm like ethical issues, medical malpractice and other serious cases,” the top official at FMHACA said.

Professional audit is one of the criteria that professionals need to undergo every five years to continue their practices. Health facilities are also responsible to ensure that their professionals have their licenses renewed.

Experts said that the authority is very strict on these cases and that it goes up to suspending the facility’s operations even if professionals have delayed to renew their licenses just for a few months.

The authority established by Proclamation No. 661/2009 under the Ministry of Health is responsible to manage the drug, food and other related areas of the healthcare of the society.