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“Land of origins” tourism brand obtains Amharic name


“Land of Origins”, last year launched Ethiopian tourism brand, by replacing the longest serving “13 Months of Sunshine” brand has obtained its Amharic name of “Medre Kedemt” on Wednesday.

Minister of Culture and Tourism, Dr Hirut Woldemariam said “the Amharic brand has approved after tireless work and discussion among linguistics scholars of the Addis Abeba University”. “Before the new Amharic brand the English version got three Amharic translation,” she added.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn signed and officially inaugurated the Amharic version at the launching ceremony.

According to the Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO) brand; ‘Ethiopia: Land of Origins' is based on Ethiopia's ‘Spirit of Originality'.

ETO aspired that it has a confidence that the new brand would position Ethiopia by positively differentiating it from competitors in a way that authentically resonates across stakeholders.

The ten experiences stipulated in the new brand by the organization fully captures the essence of Ethiopia as a land of origins. These include: the hominoid skeleton of ‘Lucy'; the mystical churches of Lalibela, hand-hewn from rock to create the Jerusalem of Africa; the biblical Ark of the Covenant kept in Aksum; the castles of Gondar; the astonishing mix of ethnic groups in Southern Ethiopia; the colorful Harar, the old walled city of a hundred mosques, and the fourth most holy site in Islam; the Simien Mountains, the Roof of Africa; and endless vistas in Gheralta to experience the spirituality of centuries old churches dotted among steep pink cliffs, according to the ETO.