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Ethiopia made a Mistake to Build Dam without Permission from Egypt


A South Sudanese official has blamed Ethiopia for recent crisis that has brought suspicion between countries sharing the Nile waters. This comes just weeks after reports on media that Ethiopian rebels have opened a base inside South Sudan.

The official who is an Advisor at the ministry of Water and Irrigation in Juba has told Nyamilepedia that the recent crisis between countries sharing the Nile water was caused by Ethiopia, accusing Ethiopia of building its largest Dam on the Nile without taking permission from Egypt.

“Well to be honest, the blame lay squarely on them ‘Ethiopians’, they rushed to build the dam without consultation or approval from Egypt, that is unacceptable in international diplomacy” Peter Garang Malual told the reporter

The official said Egypt had the right to protect its interests in the Nile and so does any other country in the region adding that “Ethiopia should not blame South Sudan for that problem”.

Another government official also said last week that South Sudan was not Afraid of Ethiopia raising worries that the two countries might not have surpass their differences over President Kiir’s recent visit to Egypt.

A Middle East newspapers reported that the two Presidents of Egypt and South Sudan agreed on what they called a “dirty deal” to try and block or sabotage Ethiopia from completing construction of its Renaissance Dam on the river Nile.

Egypt is concerned the Dam could reduce the amount of water reaching the North Africa country.

The official said the recent meeting between South Sudan’s President Kiir and Egyptian President Al-Fatah Al-Sisi was to consolidate the historical relations between Egypt and South Sudan and to show the Egyptian people that South Sudan government will stand with them in the face of any threat be it from any country in the region or beyond.

“Our President told the Egyptians that we are ready to stand with them against any threat from Ethiopia, the region or even beyond, we cannot compromise on such issues of close relations” Said Peter Garang Malual an Advisor at the ministry of Irrigation.