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TPLF, Its Partners and Famine (PROF. AL MARIAM)


The T-TPLF (Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front) is out in full force once again on its annual panhadling circuit.

In January 2016, the T-TPLF was out abbaymedia.com for food aid and blaming the West for being ungenerous.

For the past one-quarter century, the T-TPLF has been panhandling in the name of the Ethiopian people.

Aaah! So mortifying to listen to the annual chatter of beggars’ teeth.

Last week, the T-TPLF Disaster Commissioner Mitiku Kassa abbaymedia.comto the international community to cough up “USD$948 million in aid” because “we are facing a new drought”.

That is the same Mitiku Kassa who in 2010 abbaymedia.com, “In the Ethiopian context, there is no hunger, no famine… It is baseless [to claim hunger or famine], it is contrary to the situation on the ground. It is not evidence-based. The government is taking action to mitigate the problems.”

In May 2016, Dr. Alex DeWaal, Executive director of the World Peace Foundation at Tufts University and a longtime associate of the T-TPLF also abbaymedia.com: There is “no famine in Ethiopia… Ethiopians aren’t starving to death… People aren’t dying… Animals are dying of thirst…”

In 2017, there is aggravated famine in Ethiopia; and the T-TPLF is completely paralyzed in a state of emergency and unable to “mitigate the problem”

In his first press conference in Addis Ababa after the T-TPLF seized power, its late leader Meles Zenawi declared that the litmus test for the success of his regime should be whether Ethiopians were able to eat three meals a day. (abbaymedia.com.)

Two decades later in 2011, Meles pompously abbaymedia.com, “We have devised a plan which will enable us to produce surplus and be able to feed ourselves by 2015 without the need for food aid.”

A quarter of a century after the T-TPLF seized power, Ethiopia is still in the grips of Biblical famine and endless “new droughts”.

Save the Children in its June 2014-June 2016 abbaymedia.com stated that it was “by the middle of 2015… that the Government of Ethiopia played its fundamental role of recognizing and responding to the gravity of the loss of harvest, and lack of food and water for hundreds of thousands of families, calling on the support of the international community to prevent a terrible catastrophe.”