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Ethiopian Famous Biographer, Ato Tadele Bitul Turns 90


The well-known biographer, author, poet and ardent defenders of Ethiopian cultural heritage, Tadele Bitul celebrates his 90th birthday today. Tadele Bitul wrote two important Amharic books about the literary giant and intellectual Kebbede Michael and another book about the statesman, diplomat and Ethiopia’s first western trained physician, Hakim Workneh Eshete.

Ato Tadele has published several books on the history and social aspects of Ethiopia but most notably known for his books which pay tribute to Ato Kebbede Michael whom he befriended when the latter was in his twilight years and made several tape interviews with him, eliciting random casual reminiscences of what he could remember from his life and experiences, which were later transformed into two books.

Ato Tadele, a private-sector structural engineer, has been a member of the Aksum Obelisk Return Committee a private initiative that made a successful bid for the return an obelisk which was taken by the Italian army during the second war.

Serving his country in a number of important entrepreneurial posts for several decades, even when he was forced to lead exile years in Sweden after he sympathised with a group of officers who revolted against Emperor Haile Selassie in 1960, Tadele has proved a faithful public servant and patriot.

In celebration of the birthday, family members and friends are organizing a party at Global Hotel in Addis Ababa tomorrow starting from 11 Am. A photo exhibition about his life will be displayed.