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Police hints likelihood of terrorist charges against Merera Gudina


When Professor Merera Gudina was arrested on November 30,2016 up on his return from European Parliament hearing, Ethiopian government explained the arrest in terms of infringement on Sate of Emergency legislation introduced in the country since October this year.

A report -came out today -by prominent Ethiopian based publisher, Addis Standard, indicates that police, in what seem to be justification for requesting more time, told high court in the capital Addis Ababa that it is investigating Merera Gudina for “potential offenses related to terrorism,” which hints high likelihood that Merera Gudina could be charged with “terrorism.”

The Federal High Court already provided the police with twenty eight more days to carry out its investigation of Merera Gudia, revered opposition leader in Ethiopia with a very strong conviction for non-violence in the struggle to democratize Ethiopia while fighting widespread gruesome rights violations. The vilified “anti-terrorist legislation” grants police rights to remand and request additional days for purposes of “investigation.” It is widely criticized for being an overt political tool to repress dissenting voices.