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Agency Bought Medicines Worth 1 Billion Birr


Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Fund and Supply Agency, major supplier of medicines in Ethiopia, procured medicines that are worth 1 billion Birr. The procurement was made from the local market.

The medicines, according to Fortune, are going to be distributed to 17 branches all over the country this year. These branches will each distribute 84 types of medicines for a number of health centers in Ethiopia.

The initial plan was to buy 108 kinds of medicines for the same cost. However, some vital medicines were left out because of their high cost.

In addition to these medicines, the Agency is now planning to procure laboratory reagents and medical equipments at an outlay of 67.4 million Birr.

Medicine producers in Ethiopia are given a 25 percent shield from foreign pharmaceutical providers. They are also given a 30 percent down payment plan. Such is being done to strengthen the Ethiopian pharmaceutical industry.