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Preserving Heritages Is Preserving Identity


Cultural and historical heritages are the manifestation of a given society's social, economic and political identity. Be it tangible or intangible both cultural and historical heritages are good manifestations of that particular society. They serve like a mirror to the existing generation what had been in the past.

Ethiopia abounds in diversified tangible and intangible natural and historical heritages. The country is also a land of millennial long history and the cradle of mankind. It as well is a heritage site for the world admirable outstanding universal values. In a historic country like Ethiopia, historical and cultural heritages have a great significance for its generation.

The country has nine tangible world heritages and three intangible cultural heritages including "Geda" which is recently inscribed by UNESCO at the Inter-Governmental Committee 11th session held in Addis Ababa for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritages. This is a good indication that Ethiopia is the first country in Africa in getting more intangible cultural heritages inscribed in the list of world heritages.

However, despite the fact that the country is endowed with both tangible and intangible resources most of the non-renewable heritages are faced with several natural and man made problems.

Some efforts are under way to protect these heritages. Here it is worth to appreciate the support of the Embassy of the United States of America and the Turkish Embassy in Addis Ababa.