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Less than 100 Ethiopian Immigrants made Aliyah in 2015


Ethiopians making Aliyah in 2015, less than half that of the previous year, according to a report released by the Central Bureau of Statistics on Monday ahead of Sigd, a national holiday marked by Ethiopian Jews.

According to the annual report, the Ethiopian population in Israel stood at some 141,000 at the end of 2015 – 85,700 who were born in Ethiopia and 55,500 born in Israel to Ethiopian fathers

The majority of the Ethiopian population lives in two central localities – 38% in the Center and 24% in the South, with Netanya having the largest Ethiopian community at 11,400, and Kiryat Malachi with the highest percentage of Ethiopians, 16.8%, in its community.

The Ethiopian population, the report said, was a relatively young one – 28% were children up to the age 14 and just six percent of the population was over 65.

Some 90% of Ethiopians married within their community, according to the report, which found that, in 2013, the average age for an Ethiopian man to wed was 28.8 years-old, 1.1 years above the Jewish male average, while the average age for an Ethiopian woman to wed stood at 25.9-years-old, .2 years above the Jewish female average.

The average gross monthly household income for Ethiopian families stood at NIS 12,568 compared to a national household average of NIS 18,671, according to the report.