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Organizing and Escorting Tailor-made Tours in Ethiopia by Pamela Robbie


New Zealander Pamela Robbie has been organizing and escorting tailor-made tours in Ethiopia for the past 10 years by opening Tatu Tours Destination.

What inspired your move and how long have you been there?

Divorce – if life was going to be different, I wanted to try things I had never experienced before. I’ve lived in Ethiopia for just over 10 years now.

What do you do there?

I run a tour company offering tailor-made tours. We arrange itineraries all over the country visiting historical sites, tribal villages, trekking to the highest peaks, and seeing endemic wildlife.

What are the greatest advantages to living there?

Being in a country that is so incredibly diverse. From 150 meters below sea level with live lava lakes, to climbing the fourth highest peak in Africa, Ras Dashen, 4700m above sea level in the Simien Mountain National Park, to visiting tribal villages still wearing animal skins and observing ancient rituals. Not to mention being in the birthplace of coffee!


Even though the country has developed a lot over the time I have been here, it is still difficult to work with limited internet and phone services, regular power cuts and water shortages.

How expensive is it compared to New Zealand?

If you live a local lifestyle, it is very inexpensive. However, if you live an expat lifestyle, and want to live in a nice house with a nice vehicle and all the things that make life easier, rentals and prices are through the roof with huge taxes imposed.