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Addis Ababa and its Environs High Surface Chemical Research


There Addis Ababa and its environs high surface chemical research

Addis Ababa and its environs terms expired chemicals to remove the survey proved that there is a great collection, public procurement and property services.

The study is based on the Council of Representatives and served as the country’s chemical wastes, no owner to remove the collection is given to the study of government procurement service order.

The organization has released the results of a new study elevate Int’l federal offices and enterprises.

Setting up the service level committee comprised of three survey teams, which included 166 offices in 21 major chemical collection, positive study.

Kēmikelochu difficult to define a standard feature, although they have different content than 1 thousand 700 kg solid, confirmed that there are more than 800 barrels of chemicals and other precautions have acted in a warehouse.

Service Director General Daba ruled kēmikelochu told ENA that more than 25 type size are very high and are properly exposed to the worst effect may be no quick solution.

“The study mainly focuses on knowing how much they are used chemicals,” the director said that it has finalized preparations to provide the relevant body in accordance with the recommendation of the Committee survey.

After a recommendation used chemicals, said that establishing a body responsible for the management and treatment.

Šilemiwegedubeti details about the injury, said the study suggested that kēmikelochu lead.

The study will continue the study conducted at the national level and the Committee of budgetary government offices and enterprises outside of Addis Ababa.