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Turkish Investors Creating 10,000 Jobs in Ethiopia


Ethiopia’s ambassador to Turkey has told Anadolu Agency how Turkish investors have created more than 10,000 jobs, with companies up and running in the east African nation often dubbed the “Cradle of Mankind”.

Speaking in Ankara this week, Ambassador Ayalew Gobezie pointed to a deep-rooted history between Turkey and Ethiopia which allowed the two countries to grow financially and politically.

The ambassador highlighted the beginning of relations between Ethiopia and Turkey which go back to the Ottoman Empire.

“The date goes back to 1896, when the Ottoman Empire was ruled by Sultan Abdul Hamid II and Emperor Menelik II ruled the Ethiopian Empire,” said the envoy. “The first Ottoman-Turkish consulate was opened in Ethiopia in 1912.”

Turkey’s first embassy in Sub-Saharan Africa was opened in Ethiopia in 1926.

Gobezie said: “There have been frequent visits by high-level government officials to the two sisterly countries.

“We can say that Ethiopia and Turkey have excellent bilateral relations which are characterized by ever-growing economic and political ties based on common understanding and mutual respect.”

The ambassador added that the leadership of both states were “fully committed to strengthening” already-existing bilateral relations.

Gobezie recalled the visits to Turkey by the late Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi in 2007 -- who died in August 2012 -- and current president Mulatu Teshome in August 2015.