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Ethiopia wants stronger ties with Trinidad and Tobago


ETHIOPIA’S newly accredited non-resident ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago Dewano Kedir wants stronger relationships between the Horn of Africa and this country in terms of trade and investments, and sharing of cultural experiences.

Presenting his credentials to President Anthony Carmona on Thursday last at the Office of the President, St Anne’s, Kedir said Ethiopia, one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, is eager to strengthen ties in terms of trade, mining, energy and culture. 

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 President Anthony Carmona

Carmona and Kedir shared with students of Roxborough and Diego Martin Secondary schools some of the history of Ethiopia, modern- day Ethiopia, Ethiopia’s role in the African Union and its linkages to the Caribbean through activists such as Marcus Mosiah Garvey and the Rastafarian movement. Known as the cradle of civilisation with archaeological finds that date back to over three million years ago, Kedir said that as one of the founding members of the United Nations and the League of Nations of nations that preceded it, Ethiopia continues to play a peace-keeping role in the Sub-Saharan region that has been a zone of conflict. 

Though based in Havana, Cuba, Kedir said that many opportunities exist for furthering relationships across the Atlantic. He noted that Africa views the Caribbean as an extension of the continent and both the Caribbean and Africa support each other in international forums on many pertinent global affairs including climate change. Noting that Ethiopia has a population of 100 million people with over 80 languages, he said, that the country was ready to showcase its diverse cultures in the Caribbean region.