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Bristol University funds Ethiopian PhD student in Volcanology


A Bristol university graduate who died in Africa has had a scholarship set up in his name that aims to aid understanding of volcanoes in Ethiopia. Michael Dreyfus died in a crash near the Great Rift Valley in neighbouring Kenya, on his birthday in 1978, an area where volcano research is taking place.

The £102,000 PhD place has been partly funded by Mr Dreyfus's friends and Bristol University. Tesfaye Temtime Tessema, 35, will study volcanology in Bristol for three years.

Bristol University and Addis Ababa University want to develop a long-range volcanic eruption forecast for the Ethiopian Rift, as it is largely unknown but heavily populated with wildlife and people.

Great Rift Valley, Africa

The volcanic activity in Great Rift Valley is being researched by Bristol and Addis Ababa universities

Mr Tessema, who recently completed his Masters in Addis Ababa, will focus his research on studying the landscape using specialised techniques as part of the on-going five-year £3.7m RiftVolc study, which both universities are involved with.