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Addis Loses 26M Br to Accidents in First Quarter


Addis Abeba lost more than 26 million Br as the result of fire and other accidents in the first quarter of the year. This came as the result of 94 accidents and represents a fourfold increase from the same time last year.

“The number of accidents and lives lost has marginally declined, yet the intensity of the accidents was so high on factories that the costs surged”, said Kassahun Desalegn, communication director at the Addis Ababa Fire and Emergency Prevention and Rescue Agency (FEPRA).

From the total 46 accidents, seven impacted factories in the special zones of Oromia and Addis Abeba.

In relation to the popular unrest that has lingered for over a year, businesses in the Oromia Region have felt the biggest impact.

Three factories – two chemical factories and the Tatek Industrial Village – have suffered half of the property damage, amounting to 13 million Br. While the rest is spread out across the capital.

Fire accidents in dense market places, like Merkato, take the lead in causing the damage, while other accidents include electrocution, suicides, and accidents related with construction and holes.

The sub-cities that suffered through fire damage the most were Qirqos, Addis Ketema, Aqaqi Kos, Aqaqi and Bole, with 12 fires and unforeseen incidents at each sub city. Areas under the agencies radar that accounted for the fewest accidents are the Lideta and Kolfe sub cities, with two instances of fire and three other incidents each.