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13 Ethiopian Soldiers Killed in a Heavy Fighting


13 Ethiopian Soldiers killed in a heavy fighting between ONLF and Ethiopian soldiers of innocent civilians in other parts of Ethiopia as they had done previously in ogaden since 2007. Since November 2015, ONLA has been waylaying and putting pressure on the killing forces of the regime.

Latest news from the Ogaden reports that there has been clashes between Ogaden National Liberation Army and the Ethiopian regime’s army in the Qorahay and Shabelle regions of the Ogaden. The ONLA has killed 13 Soldiers and wounded 19 others.

On the 21/09/2016 in Xamaro (Nogob), ONLF attacked the regime’s army convoy heading towards Oromo areas killing 3 soldiers and injured another 4.

On the 23/09/2016, in Goomar (Qorahay), ONLF waylaid a convoy killing 6 soldiers and injuring 8 others.

On the 23/09/2016 heavy fighting took place in Shiniile (Shabelle), and the ONLF killed 4 soldiers and injured another 7.

Latest reports from the Ogaden say that similar attacks by ONLF freedom fighters, which usually occur when Ethiopian regime’s soldiers venture into rural localities and villages to massacre civilians, are continuing.