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Addis- Djibouti Railway Transports 5,800 People Per Day


The Addis to Djibouti electric railway system will have the capacity to transport up to 5,800 people per day, the Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC) told DireTube. According to the company, the new rail system can also transport up to 3,500 tons of goods at a time.

 “We don’t expect the railway line to transport that much people, at least in the beginning,” Dereje Tefera, Communications Head of ERC said. “It will greatly reduce the travel time between the two countries and will contribute to the development of Ethiopia’s hinterland.

It is also part of the East to West Africa Railway network.” The 656km long electric railway system laid inside Ethiopia, which was constructed at a cost of $3.4 billion, will shorten the three days torturous journey between the two countries into just 12 to 15 hours.

The line in Ethiopia, which has 16 major stations and was completed in three and half years, was financed seventy percent through China’s EximBank while the rest was covered by the Ethiopian government.

Two Chinse companies were also selected to carry out the massive railway system between Ethiopia and Djibouti and the locomotives were imported from China.