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Ethiopians in Ottawa Speaks Loud


Today in a massive turnout Ethiopians in Canada have showed to the government of Canada their anger and frustrations over the ongoing Human Rights Abuses and political crisis in Ethiopia. The demonstrators, enchanted slogans and mottos which sent a strong message to the government and the public in Canada.


They insisted, Canada must not be silent about the ongoing atrocities in Ethiopia. It must speak loud against who abuses Canadian assistance to commit crimes against humanity and genocide. They requested the Government to put pressures on the Ethiopian government to to unconditionally release political prisoners, allow an independent investigation by the United Nations and open up the political space

The demonstration is organized by the cooperation of Ethiopians living in Ottawa, the nation’s Capital and Toronto, Canada’s largest city through their coordinating committee. They marched towards the national parliament, the Prime Minister’s office and US embassy in Ottawa. Among other things demonstrators; have condemned in strongest terms the brutal crackdown of


dissents, torture, killings and mass arrest in the Oromiya, Amhara Regions and the people of Konso in Southern Ethiopia. They decried the burning of prisoners of conscience, who are supposed to be under Government’s protection, is a heinous crimes committed against prisoners by the regime.