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State to Confiscate Unclear Imports This Week


For those importers who use the dry port to get their imported products but never unclear on time state is about to confiscate and ban the importers too. The importers are also not getting foreign currency from any bank the news from Reporter said.

Regarding this the law states that every material that arrived with Marin is supposed to be clear by the owner with in 2 month while those arrived on air should be cleared up within a month.

Never the less on the dry port, which is directly administered by the Ethiopian shipping and logistic service over 2000 containers are still in the dry port for more than 1450 days.

Our news source have also remarked that Ethiopian revenue and customers authority will collect all the materials on the port that stayed over 6 months starting from May 9, 2016. The authority will differentiate the useless and will soon be opening a bid to sell products that are not expired.