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MCIT to Launch 20 Mobile Apps for Government Services


The Ethiopian Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (MCIT) is to launch mobile applications (apps) for 20 government offices in a month, Fortune reported.

Mandated to introduce and implement new technology and communication systems in Ethiopia, MCIT seeks to improve the online presence of government services and to improve access to the public.

The plan to implement the e-government plan includes the development of mobile applications for the 219 e-services. Anyone with a Smartphone can download these apps to access the services. The 20 offices are among the first few government offices selected based on the number of their clients, according to Abyot Byu, E-government director of the MCIT.

“All apps share the same feature of informing clients about the particular office and its services, but they differ in that they are specifically produced according to the specifications of each service,” Eskinder Ahadoo, founder, told Fortune.

The Ministry of Trade, Ethiopian Revenue & Customs Authority, and Ethiopian Postal Services, are among the selected government offices for the recent launch.

The internal system development of some of the projects are undertaken by the Ministry’s own professionals, while most of the app development and the backend software development works are outsourced to Ahadoo Tech ICT Solution Plc and Meelogic Consulting AG, a German company.