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Cookham Mums Collects Football Kit For Ethiopian School


Holy Trinity School has been raising money for the school with Partners for Change Ethiopia, and Sarah Parfitt, a mother at the school and an ambassador for the charity went to collect football kits with fellow mum Inaya Ulhaq and her son Michael.

KitAid, based in Hatfield, is a charity that recycles football kits and distributes them to underprivileged children.

Sarah said: “Our Gende Tesfa School link seems to have captured people’s imaginations. People’s interest and support in Cookham has surpassed our wildest dreams. The sports ground is now being built and now we are sending football kits, balls and tablet computers over. It’s amazing!”

Inaya said: “It was an amazing experience to visit KitAid. Michael said one day he would like to visit Ethiopia to hand out the kits and hope he does.”

Michael said: “We gave them Arsenal kits and Liverpool kits. I felt really happy that they will have kits now.”