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Wow: Day Dream Steals Two Hours Each Day From Our Life


If you find yourself constantly pressed for time, this could be why. A staggering three quarters of Britons admit to daydreaming every day – and spend just under two hours on average doing so, according to a poll. Imagining how life could have turned out is a common focus of reverie, with the study revealing that 57 per cent fantasise about being super rich.

Amazing: Day Dream Steals Two Hours Each Day from Our Life

A third think about moving to a new home, while a quarter pictures having a better body. Almost 80 per cent admitting that they are not living the life they really wanted. Among the 2,000 people questioned, around a quarter also confess to daydreaming about leaving their lives behind and starting again in a foreign country. Half admitted having 'major' regrets – however these disappointments were often fixable.

Some 31 per cent simply wished they had travelled more, 42 per cent that they had saved more money and 41 per cent wanted to be more confident. The research also revealed the jobs we always dream of - with Premiership footballer and rock star emerging as top of men's wish lists - while many women would rather have been air hostesses, fashion designers or top lawyers.