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Explosion During Giza Raid Leaves 7 Egyptian Policemen, 3 Civilians Dead


The interior ministry said officers, who were seeking to apprehend 'Muslim Brotherhood terrorists', attempted to defuse a bomb but were unsuccessful Ten people, including seven policemen and three civilians, were killed in an explosion Thursday evening as security forces attempted to raid a suspected militant hideout in Giza, prosecutor Ahmed El-Tamawy told Aswat Masriya.

Earlier in the everning the Ministry of Interior had said that the policemen and other victims were killed or injured as officers attempted to defuse a time-bomb during the raid on an apartment in Marioutiya where suspected Islamist militants were believed to be staying. 

The explosion left 13 injured, two of whom are in critical condition.

A civilian who lived in the building was killed in the explosion, and two charred bodies were found inside the apartment, according to the ministry's statement.

It is yet unclear whether any of the those reportedly hiding in the apartment were injured, killed or captured.

The killed policemen include Lieutenant Mahmoud Abu El-Maged of the Central Security Forces and low-ranking policeman Sherif Ibrahim.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Amin, the head of investigations department at Haram police station, was among those reported injured.

In recent months, Egyptian security forces have carried out several raids on apartments where suspected or fugitive Islamists militants were reportedly either hiding or preparing for “terrorist operations.” These raids have often ended with suspects killed by police, who say they were met with gunfire upon arrival at the hideouts.