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45 Ethiopian Migrants Deported Over Illegal Immigration


A total of 45 migrants from Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Mali were deported home over alleged attempts to illegally enter Israel and Libya via Egypt, Youm7 reported.

Four police units arrived with the migrants to Cairo International Airport from Alexandria on the Mediterranean, Ismailia, near Sinai, Matrouh, near the Libya borders, and Qalyubia in the northern Delta.

The deportations have been coordinated with their respective embassies in Cairo, a security source at Cairo Airport told Youm7.

Hundreds of African migrants, especially from Sudan, have been arrested in recent months in illegal immigration attempts.

A delegation from the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) met with Sudanese Deputy Consul in Alexandria Mohamed Hamad Monday to discuss illegal immigration to Europe through Egyptians shores, Youm7 reported.

A total of 22,026 people of different nationalities were arrested over illegal immigration attempts in December, according to military spokesperson Mohamed Samir.

In October, 72 Somalis, three Congolese, two Sudanese and one Gambian were arrested over taking a boat to Italy from Kafr el-Sheikh in the northern Delta. In September, 15 migrants, mostly from Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia were arrested in Rosetta in the Delta before crossing the sea to Europe.

Sixteen Sudanese suspected of attempting to illegally enter Israel were investigated by North Sinai security agencies Jan. 9, Youm7 reported.

On Nov. 23, Egyptian border forces shot dead five Sudanese migrants trying to cross from Sinai into Israel. On Nov. 15, Egyptian police found the bodies of 15 African migrants who appeared to have been shot dead in the same area.