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Ethiopia: A Controversial Healer Girma Wondimu Arrested


A controversial Christian faith healer has been arrested in Ethiopia, according to local media.

Girma Wondimu, described as priest and exorcist, was arrested Wednesday in Addis Ababa for reasons which are unclear at this stage. Girma has already been barred from giving talks and organizing baptism representing the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Before the prohibition, Girma used to lead a prayer and exorcism event at St. Stephen Church in Meskel Square and St. Michael Church in Merkato area four times a week, drawing thousands of people who come in droves seeking physical or spiritual healing, despite paying hefty fee.He also used to travel abroad regularly.

Though the exact charges are unclear, some reports say they are based on his practice of ritual performance claiming to drive an evil spirit. One local FM said Girma is being investigated for fraud after allegedly earning substantial amount of money by performing fake exorcism.

Girma’s Twitter page indicates he was born in 1958 in Bale and he was ordained a deacon by Abune Mekariosat of the St. Michael Church In 1969. He served as deacon in different parishes since then. Girma’s divisive healing and deliverance sessions were widely distributed on You Tube videos.