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Ethiopia Host Chinese Language Competition


Addis Ababa (Xinhua)―A China-African friendship knowledge competition, titled “Chinese Bridge,” was held on Wednesday in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, demonstrating the ever strengthening cooperation in education and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia the Competition was organized by Confucius Institute at the Addis Ababa University (A.A.U.) and Confucius at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institute on the premises of A.A.U.

With three rounds of different levels, the competition has involved 10 contestants from the A.A.U. Chinese Language Department.

The competition involves presenting speeches in Chinese language; question and answer session on the Sino-Africa relations; and also talent shows on Chinese cultures including chanting verses, singing, dancing and Kung fu (Chinese martial arts).

Mebrhatu Solomon, who scored the highest to win the competition in first rank, told Xinhua that the Competition, “Chinese Bridge” creates opportunity to learn more about China while showing one’s competence.

Mebrhatu was once in China to learn more Chinese language and he also participated in such competition with contestants from different countries including 26 African countries.

He said such event creates opportunity to know more about China and other countries while promoting one’s own culture.

“It is a very good opportunity; the competition, one it helps you show your competence; secondly, it helps us know more about the Chinese language and culture. It will also plays role in creating awareness among others about the Chinese. Furthermore, it also creates opportunity for them to know and learn about our culture and history. And I am very happy about it,” he said.

Recalling the previous competition in China, Mebrhatu said, “It also shows the world because there were many international students, who came to China, and I had also participated in the world competition in China, whereby there were African contestants from about 26 countries, totally we were 134, and I was the only representative from Ethiopia and I ranked seventh.”

Another contestant of the competition at the A.A.U., who goes by name Tihtena Shigute and who won it in second place, told Xinhua that the competition was very good that she enjoyed it.

Tihtena, who is a third year Chinese language student at A.A.U., said learning the Chinese helps know many other things.

“It is very good. While learning Chinese language, I learn not only the language but also many other things I have learned from them (the Chinese). There is cultural exchange and knowledge sharing as well. So, it is very good. And I believe learning Chinese, for me, is a bridge for success,” she said.

You Yi, Cultural Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia, told Xinhua that the competition is one of the demonstrations that show the China-Africa strong cooperation on education and culture.

“This is Chinese Bridge, Chinese language focused knowledge competition covers a wide field, basically very friendly cooperation with Ethiopia and Africa as a continent,” he said, “We have to show to the African people, here of course Ethiopian people, about our cooperation in past few years.”

The counselor also noted that China would further strengthen its cooperation with Ethiopia and Africa as a continent in the field of education, culture and people-to-people relations.