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Two Ethiopian Women Arrested On Charges Of Making A Bogus Murder Claim In Kuwait


KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested two Ethiopian women following a bogus claim about a citizen killing an Ethiopian woman. An Ethiopian woman had called 112 and told them that a woman was killed by a citizen, but investigations revealed that her claims were untrue. The two women were arrested at dawn yesterday, while immigration detectives also discovered that they are wanted on absconding charges.

An earlier reported had indicated that Ahmadi prosecutor ordered an investigation into a case of a bogus claim against an unknown person who called and said that a citizen killed his Ethiopian maid because she killed his infant son. A security source said police went to the area and discovered the call was a hoax. The phone from which the call was made belonged to an elderly lady and said the number is hers but she claims she did not make the call, Al-Anbaa daily reported yesterday.

Illegal calls

Members of a gang consisting of six Asian nationals were arrested in Farwaniya yesterday on charges of offering illegal international calling services in the area. The six are being processed for deportation.

Home robbery

A Syrian man accused six unidentified persons of breaking into his house and stealing more than KD 40,000 and passports. A security source said that the Syrian man’s 12-year-old son was in the house when six persons entered it, beat and tied up the child, and took KD 3,300 in cash and jewelry worth KD 1,800, besides three passports and civil IDs. Police are investigating. Separately, a Syrian man told Ali Sabah Al-Salem police three persons he knows kidnapped him along with his sister and took them to Mina Abdullah, where they were beaten and forced to sign papers without knowing their contents.

Offensive nurse

A Kuwaiti doctor told police that an Egyptian male nurse insulted her, and also made offensive remarks against Kuwait. She said there are witnesses who saw the incidents. Investigations are ongoing

3-vehicle crash

A three-way collision took place on Sixth Ring Road. Subhan fire center responded and freed a man trapped in one of the vehicles. He was taken by paramedics.

Hospital fire

Ahmadi Fire Center put out a minor fire that broke out in the air conditioning unit of the neonatal ward at KOC Hospital. The room was evacuated, and fire was put out quickly.

Body found

Kuwait Fire Service Directorate’s (KFSD) sea rescue divers recovered the body of an Arab diver who worked for a maintenance company in Doha port. The body was handed over to criminal evidence department officers.

Drifters targeted

Ahmadi security department led by Brigadier Abdallah Saffah carried out an expanded campaign against vehicles used in reckless driving, known as ‘drifting’ during the weekend. A security source said the campaign targeted Wafra and industrial Fahaheel resulted in impounding 21 sports cars.


Kuwait Fire Services Directorate Public Relations and Information Director Colonel Khalil Al-Ameer received a delegation from the National Guard Moral Guidance Department. The visit is part of the cooperation protocol between KFSD and the National Guard command to exchange expertise.

Farmers union

Interior Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Nationality and Passports Major General Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah met the chairman and members of the Kuwait Farmers’ Union as part of the interior ministry’s keenness to remove all obstacles facing farmers. Jarrah said several issues of mutual concern were discussed including the estimation of workers’ percentages according to the level of work, as it was noticed that the number of workers was exaggerated, and some of them worked elsewhere in violation of residency laws.




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