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Jovago's Report On Ethiopia’s Hospitality Industry


Jovago.com, Africa’s largest hotel-booking website, has launched Ethiopian hospitality report at an event organized at Capital Hotel Wednesday, October 21, 2015, according to the Ethiopian Herald.

Jovago.com presented the report after conducting original surveys on the available but unused potential of hotel and tourism sector in Ethiopia.

Jovago.com works to ease the process of hotel search and reservation for travelers in Africa. Even if Ethiopia has exclusive historical sites and huge tourism opportunities, it has not been fully exploited, the report indicates.

Estelle Verdier, Jovago.com’s East and Southern Africa Managing Director, at the launching event said: “Evidently, the Ethiopian tourism industry has a bright future. Ethiopia has been gaining the attention of international investors and visitors.”

“Though the sector has earned deserving attention from the government these days, the country is not yet fully taking advantage of tourism. In connection to supporting the sector to utilize its potential, Jovago.com’s target is to ensure that traveling and hotel booking in Ethiopia is super-fast and accessible.”