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Ministry Hires Foreign Contractors For Housing Dev’t Program


The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MoUDH) is to hire foreign contractors capable of building 80, 000 condominium houses within 18 months.

The contractors will commence construction this budget year after winners of the international bid floated to invite foreign contractors are identified, Urban Development and Housing Minister, Mekuria Haile said. In addition to building the houses, winner contractors will train and build capacity of the manpower that will take part in the housing development, he added.

“This would help to promote technology transfer, efficiently use inputs and above all, to expedite the housing development program in the country,” he said.

The Ministry is waiting for a decision from the government for the amendment of the law on procurement of construction materials, besides indentifying which contractors will enter to the housing program, he said.

Director General of Ethiopian Construction Project Management Institute, Dr Yosef Birru, on his part said selecting winners for the program is nearing completion.

The contenders were identified during the pre-evaluation process conducted by various professionals, including from Ethiopian Construction Project Management Institute and Addis Ababa Housing Development Administration Agency, he said.

They contractors were mainly identified based on their speed in building houses, financial capability, technology and use of input, he said.

Some 14 contractors that met the selection criteria have reached to the final stage, according to the director.

Mekuria said his ministry has finalized the construction of 40,000 condominium houses and they will be transferred to winners soon as furnishing them with infrastructural facilities is nearing completion.