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Ethiopia: Black Lion Hospital To Launch Cardiac Surgery


Black Lion Specialized Hospital is going to launch a cardiac surgery within the coming four months, a move that helps to increase the heart surgeries being performed in the country by more than double.

Only from 150 to 200 cardiac surgeries are being performed in the country annually. The hospital also gives heart surgery services for 13 weeks in a year.

Hence, the new service will help to double the number and increase the service from 13 to 52 weeks annually.

The cardiac center, which was built through public donation and coordination of Children's Heart Found, is the first of its kind in the country

The center gives service for 13 weeks in a year and is currently offering heart surgery by volunteers who came from abroad, Professor Berhanu Nega, Heart Care Team Leader at Black Lion Specialized Hospital said.

More than 6,000 patients are currently waiting for heart surgery at the hospital and the launching of the new service would play its part towards alleviating the problem, he said.

The huge cardiac center to be built in the premises of the medical village, which the country planned to realize in the coming five year, is expected to significantly solve the problem.

Health professionals told FBC that the government needs to build additional cardiac center so as to sustainably solve the problem.