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Campaign For ‘One Pen For One Student’ Host An Event At Addis Ababa Stadium


(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) – Organizers of the ‘One Pen for One Student’ campaign have announced that they will host an event at the Addis Ababa Stadium to create more awareness about their efforts and to gather support from the wider public.

The program, called ‘Let’s Play for a Target’, is scheduled to be run from 12am up until 6pm and is accompanied by various sport and other entertaining artistic works at the Stadium on August 30, 2015.

Addis Ababa Stadium

The program at the Addis Ababa Stadium is part of the One Pen for One Student campaign that was started up by a number of Ethiopian sport journalists some five months back. The main aim of their campaign is to gather material support in the form of exercise books and pens for needy students and other parts of the society in all corners of the country.

The campaign mainly supports the Sewasew Genet Children, Elderly and Mentally Ill Support Center that is located some 100km out of Addis in an area called Chagel, located in a turnaround to Debre Libanos Monastery.

“And now we want the public to come together with us to this event to support our goal,” the organizers said in a statement they sent to DireTube.

As part of Sunday’s events, the Ethiopian Coffee FC and Ethiopian Commercial Bank FC will hold a match. Besides, artists will clash against sport journalists and various musical shows will be presented to the audiences.

Entrance fee for the event is one pen and one exercise book. Organizers said fans who could bring more than this will be greatly welcomed as well.