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Man Attacks Aunt With Axe


A Harare man reportedly struck his aunt with an axe after she reprimanded him for drug and alcohol abuse, the Civil Court heard last Friday.

Sheila Zinanga claimed Tatenda Kakurira was always unleashing violence on her and the entire family each time he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Zinanga was seeking a protection order against Kakurira whom she accused of breaching her peace and that of her family.

“He once struck me with an axe after I reprimanded him for taking drugs and alcohol,” she said.

Zinanga told magistrate Mrs Babra Mateko that Kakurira was tormenting her entire family.

“Each time he comes home drunk, he starts physically and verbally abusing everyone in the house over petty issues,” Zinanga said.

She claimed there was no peace at her house anymore because of Kakurira’s violent behaviour.

“I am taking care of my 84-year old mother who is not feeling well and such a violent behaviour brings more harm than good to her health condition,” she said.

Zinanga pleaded with Mrs Mateko to grant her application saying she had endured a lot of suffering at the hands of Kakurira.

“I want him barred from unleashing his violent acts on me and my entire family. To make matters worse, he threatens to kill me for reprimanding him for taking drugs and alcohol,” she said.

Kakurira did not show up at the court.

Mrs Mateko granted the application in default which barred Kakurira from physically or verbally abusing Zinanga.

She also ordered Kakurira to keep peace towards Zinanga at all times.